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Welcome to SmartWealth Financial Incorporated, your Winnipeg financial advisors‘ free resources page. This page will be updated regularly to bring you useful financial resources and freebies that you can use to manage your day to day personal finance and in planning your financial security.

1. Free Monthly Credit Score Monitoring

If you don’t know it yet, you can actually check and monitor your credit score in Canada completely free. You get the same quality credit score check with paid services like TransUnion and Equifax. Sign up with Borrowell to access your free credit score which also allows you to monitor your credit score on a monthly basis. On top of it, you can also download your credit report, all for free. Open a Borrowell account here.

2. Free Financial Calculators

These free financial calculators will help you plan your financial security and future. Do you want how much you’re currently worth to your loved ones? Click on the “Value of Human Life” calculator! You can also calculate the future value of your savings and investments using various scenarios as well as to how much it really costs you each year you postpone your investment.

  1. Value of Human Life (Calculates your current economic value)
  2. Investment Postponement (Calculates the financial impact of postponing your investments)
  3. RRSP Tax Savings (Calculate different tax rates with regards to your province and taxable income.)
  4. Retirement Budget and Inflation (Demonstrates the effect on inflation on a retirement budget based in current dollar value)
  5. My Financial Benchmark (Illustrates how your financial situation compares to that of your peers)
  6. Inflation (Illustrates today’s buying power for a future amount of money)
  7. Savings (Illustrates savings accumulation)
  8. Investment Income (Calculates investment income with regards to several factors)
  9. Tax Rates Calculator (Calculates different tax rates depending on your income and province)
  10. RRSP Loan (Is RRSP loan worth it? Check if it’s a good idea to borrow money to contribute to RRSP)

3. Free Mortgage Qualifier Tool

Are you mortgage-ready? Aside from knowing exactly what your credit score is in any given month if you’re looking to qualify for a home purchase, it’s also important to know exactly whether or not you can qualify for a mortgage before speaking with a mortgage professional.

This free mortgage qualifier tool helps you determine whether or not you’re qualified for a home mortgage based on your income, expenses, and other existing obligations (i.e. debts).

4. Free Mortgage Calculator

Are you looking for the best free Manitoba mortgage calculator? Look no further! This free mortgage calculator is brought to you by CMHC themselves. It helps you calculate how much your potential monthly or bi-weekly mortgage payments based on assumed mortgage interest.


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