Ramon Desiderio

Ramon Desiderio is an internationally educated accountant, turned financial advisor in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He is licensed to advise clients in the implementation of risk management strategies such as life insurance, critical illness insurance, and disability insurance. He is also licensed to help clients implement savings and investment solutions such as RESP, TFSA, and RRSP through segregated funds.

insurance policy for life - family of four

Insurance Policy for Life (Understanding Life Insurance)

An insurance policy for life is widely known as a life insurance policy.  If you’re looking for an insurance policy for life but don’t know where to start, finding all the necessary information you need in making a well-informed decision on the right insurance policy can be quite challenging, considering all the confusing terms and …

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irp - insured retirement plan winnipeg

Insured Retirement Plan: How does IRP Work?

An insured retirement plan or IRP is a financial concept wherein a permanent life insurance policy, usually, universal life is utilized as a vehicle to save up and build wealth for retirement. An insurance retirement plan allows permanent policy owners to fund their life insurance policies over their initial base premium (cost of insurance, charges, …

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