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We here at Smartwealth are Winnipeg financial advisors focused on helping clients protect their financial security, and build wealth for their future.

Honest & transparent financial advisory services in Winnipeg and other parts of Manitoba.

We Help business owners, professionals, and breadwinners manage their financial risks against the potential impact of serious life events while at the same time helping them achieve a brighter future through practical, and tax-efficient wealth accumulation strategies.

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Client Focused, Financial Advisory Services

SmartWealth financial advisors are committed to delivering honest & transparent financial advisory services focused on client benefit.

Winnipeg financial advisor - Ramon Desiderio
Ramon Desiderio, Financial Advisor

Holistic Financial Advisory Approach

We offer a holistic financial advisory service in Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

From income protection,  wealth accumulation, to retirement funding.


Mitigate the financial risks of serious life events.


Build wealth for your short and long term financial goals.


Retire with peace of mind and a lifetime retirement income with fixed annuities

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Life insurance helps you protect your loved ones’ financial well-being in case of premature death.

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Critical illness insurance is living benefits insurance that pays out a lump sum amount in case of a serious illness.

disability insurance winnipeg

Disability insurance replaces a portion of your income if you’re unable to work due to injury or illness.

open resp winnipeg

The Registered Education Savings Plan is a government registered education fund that allows you to invest toward your child’s or grandchildren’s post-secondary education with the help of government grants.

tfsa winnipeg - tax-free savings account

Tax-Free Savings Account is a government registered investment account that allows you to accumulate wealth tax-free. You get no tax-incentive when you contribute but you don’t get taxed when you withdraw funds.

RRSP Winnipeg - Registered Education Savings Plan

Registered Retirement Savings Plan is a tax-deferred retirement fund that gives you tax incentives on your contributions, allows your asset to grow tax-free but you get taxed when you withdraw your funds

Why Choose Us

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As your Winnipeg financial advisory team, we work with you in designing risk management and wealth accumulation strategies that best serve your needs.

Manage Risks

Protect your financial security in case of serious illness, disability, or premature death.

Buid Wealth

Invest a portion of your income in tax-efficient accounts for long-term wealth accumulation.


Retire financially free without worrying about running out of money at retirement.

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